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actually ran into problems myself which is in the book. i got beaten up in my hotel room in qatar in 2006. i was warned you are not supposed to come here, you're not supposed to talk to the taliban. that was where, that was qatar where we knew the taliban leadership were hanging out or reorganizing, running insurgency. the pakistanis were basically telling me get out of town and don't come back. they threaten all the people who worked with me. the pakistani journalist in that town were told stop working with foreigners. it became very difficult to operate there. i'm sure willem will tell you his experiences, but really important area because that's where the orchestrated the whole resurgence of the taliban, and this enormous push against american forces and against the whole project in afghanistan, the presence of foreign forces they didn't want. they didn't want a successful government in afghanistan. they wanted to keep afghanistan under the thumb in order to control it and dominate it so that he could use afghanistan and annex or a client state, if you like. those are the real things i
Apr 18, 2014 2:00pm EDT
mentioned today, turkey and qatar. i think after the uprising in 2011, especially turkey we saw one almost take a victory lap and some of the countries where the islamists have come to power. -- erdogan. qatar on the other hand, is continuing, if any of you and untreated, follow al-jazeera you would see you are inundated about egypt and was going there. help us to understand if i could ask you to do that some of the considerations that erdogan had as he chose to retrench if i might, if my such as greg and why they're pushing it. some of us, distance observers thought there might be reconsideration or realignment after the prince came to our offense does not seem to be the case. >> not yet, no. anybody? >> in regard to qatar you asked i think its momentum rather than decision. and i said i would say, i think saudi arabia and uae realize that the new leadership is in need of arguments or being convinced to restrain the momentum. this is why you have that type of respect i give actions that are taking place. and upping the ante with regard to attacks on the policies of qatar, this little prin
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
against sunni muslims. nouri al-maliki makes his own accusations and blames saudi arabia and qatar. the last summit in sirra underscored the political subdivisions between iraq and sunni neighbours. the opposition is sending fighters to syria. people are paying the price. the saudis want the president bashar al-assad out of power. >> translation: bashar al-assad and his associates have a place in the future of syria. >> with the war in syria showing no signs of letting up, the concern that sectarian violence could spread to neighbouring countries, and that could leave iraq more isolated. >>> chemical weapons inspectors are being sent to syria to investigate allegations of gas attacks. the syrian government denies it has been using chlorine on civilians. it's not listed as a banned agent but is outlawed. kath turner has the details from the united nations in new york. >> reporter: in recent weeks there has been a spate of incidents believed to involve chlorine. these youtube pictures show the aftermath of a barrel bomb. they claimed chlorine in cannisters was packed into the bar so
Al Jazeera America
Apr 6, 2014 11:30am EDT
of qatar foreign policy, the same for genesis and cnn spanish. if you want influence, you've got to be on t.v. >> despite the flaws inherent to the format, the falling ratings and all that fast paced competition on line, people still turn to 24 hour t.v. news and they watch even stories like this one. i am the top of the world... >> now they drive to live >> everyone should drive a cab in new york city once. >> finding peace, security and success. >> you can work, you can do anything you want to. >> hop in as these courageous drivers take you on an inspiring journey. >> you don't like this country, get the hell out of here. >> driven an america tonight special series and don't miss the premiere of borderland, a ground breaking television event on al jazeera america >> now inroducing, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for suvivors... >> the potential for energy production is hug
Apr 14, 2014 5:30am PDT
-time champion was swelled up. all staying hot on his heels. pedals -- of dutchman who won the tour qatar was on a mission and built up a 22nd lead. that proved enough. his first ever win in this energy sapping classic. a flying start, taking a win in race two in marrakesh. lopez took his car to the front and never looked back. his french counterpart rounded out the top three. he then showed off his driving showing offmore, his overtaking ability, passing others for the lead. after that, cruise control. he took the second flag to get to his new career off to his perfect start. >> i could not dream of doing better. it gives me confidence. just one point, in a circuit. seems like more of a rally. i hope to be in good shape for the rest of the season as well. has won the fourth title of her career. she overcame a spirited rival in poland. she gets a key break here. that was one on the tie-break. this is our first time playing in a wta final. recovered to force a decider. cornet won the first three games. they reached match point -- on her way back and secured a final break. second player to
Al Jazeera America
Apr 28, 2014 2:00pm EDT
journalists since last year. >> the qatar based al jazeera network has many since 2001. >> this is al jazeera. >> now the network is estimating losses of more than $150 million. and it's blaming it on the action he of the military-backed interim government since the ousting of former president mohamed morsi in july 2013. after the military coup, al jazeera has been subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment, intimidation and jamming of its transmission. egyptian security forces have raided al jazeera apples offices shut it down an confiscated equipment. a number of its journalists have been detained, four of them remain in custody. now al jazeera says the 1999 bilateral investment treaty between qatar and egypt should protect its investments in egypt. under the provisions of that treaty, the network is demanding egypt to unusual the legal rights of -- ensure the legal rights of its employees. international arbitration if the egyptian government fails to resolve the dispute within six months. al jazeera. >> u.s. president barack obama has signed a ten year defense pact with the philippine
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 9:00am EDT
's position before the election. >> here in qatar at the university he joins me on set. a major victory for president assad? >> it is, indeed. it is something that was expected, the longer the war has been going on the balance was tilting towards assad. i think the fourth coming presidential elections in syria in june it was very, very important for assad to claim victory, which he has done stay. done today. if things have gone done as it has been going of late i think the conflict may be over in 18 months from now. >> can you identify what the turning point was in favor of president assad's forces? >> well, the variety of forces it seems like the option of a political solution is no longer on the table. basically the opposition is divided, and they don't want to get into taken talks. >> i don't suppose it was ever on the table in the first place in theory. >> yes, what they say is that the opposition has made continue for negotiating so on and so forth in assad goes. this was never an option. the second is the events taking place far from syria, which is crimea with the situation betwe
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
that in focus. qatar's al miqrab agrees to buy heritage oil for $1.5 billion. 224 million pounds if you prefer. enough enter out of me. let's talk to johnnie. cpi on the way. are you bothered at all about u.s. gdp? >> i am bothered about the fed. there is this big logistical problem where we still haven't got those two governors concerned by the senate. jeremy stein steps down at the end of may. by june, we may just have three governors. >> just going to give you the gdp for spain. we have gdp rising by 0.4% for spain. retail sales coming in at 0.6%. you are fully armed. >> i am excited for the euro. i will give it a go. ftse 100 closing close to a two-month high yesterday. we are expecting a pullback this morning. cac 40, 0.2%. the dax opening in frankfurt almost 0.1%. let me show you a little bit of dollar/yen. coming down by 0.2%. you see that again gaining by 0.2, the dollar falling by 0.2. on the forecast, they trimmed their forecast for growth this year. the forecast for inflation completely unchanged. the central bank really isn't giving anything away. elsewhere, this will be the talk o
Al Jazeera America
Apr 21, 2014 9:00am EDT
is needed now. the u.s. russia, qatar, all these countries should come together and renew the pressure on all sides including on the opposition, which has refus refd the cease-fire in the past. >> how much is the opposition responsible for the state of affairs. >> they wagered on military problems. they refused any negotiations until assad's stepping down from power. it's like the lebanese civil war, same story, it can only be solved with an agreement forcing the parties to relinquish the war and victor and vanquish which won't lead to anything but complete destruction of the country. >> and many want assad out of the picture by holding this election by properly taking part, is it a very clear interesthat hethinks he's ahead. >> certainly, but there is the chemical weapons issue, and if there is pressure he will yield. it was negotiated that we have this negotiated settlement rather than a military solution which has been fomented by outside powers. i think it's a dangerous enterprise, and yes of course he wants to hold on to pow. that goes without saying, but again international press
Apr 6, 2014 7:00am PDT
commemorations will be held in qatar in marking the somber anniversary in a change of events france has announced it will not be attending the ceremonies as planned. this after fresh accusations by rwanda's president of france was actively involved in the atrocities because i kept external reports that the weather. this is an accomplice to perpetrate up according to poll could only the acceptable criticism for paris has always been different on me it's going to the mall to see the lights it's a fox says the woman president in an interview published this weekend the mosques the whole truth the involvement of belgium and france in the political drama to the genocide in the polls the separation of prawns in its execution. in a light to the president's fresh accusations from announced it would not take part in the twentieth anniversary commemorations so monday since it's these comments are nothing new today's prices being accused in the front of the area knowing she is the gospel. go make the same for twenty years and doesn't come as a surprise for those who know him well. polk county's first visit t
Apr 7, 2014 4:30am PDT
of the many can you buy the bond would also try to feed and people fled from t qatar gernmentat also can take a guess going dng dvd d nottime to time a make many tiny focus in the tinsel town. india's position on the gun is done and that in dixon's that the venison physical physical mind of a position effective physical body appreciate it if they have spent more than two billion dollars in city visiting the site it was only country in the world that the uk have visited them and don't want to know and impress but to be lost because of the book. optus was handed a tough tough times i've been typing stephen kinsella a chatty team. i just love this man opened fire on the clock i didn't do it on this skinny one and wounding the other article. i'm bitching associated press photographer who was shot dead an assemblage of wounded and even fold the end of gun play this man opened fire and an enclosed buildings. i just took these on the evil focus attention and action that got him on his son james half days to disrupt to accounting of bombings and assassinations. ab said photographer on sundays and how
Apr 10, 2014 3:30am PDT
center exhibition hall in the turkish capital of qatar international project called gold center was launched in two thousand six hundred exhibition of paintings open in moscow after which an exhibition visited cities in poland germany the netherlands belgium great britain austria a traveling exhibition introduces the art and culture of kazakhstan to the visitors. the exhibition features seventy three works of artists working in different genres and oppression from realism to avant garde its realism and modern trends of our other words there's a great link above is a painting contemporary arts the head of the gallery at condition because the academy of arts show you survive a noted that the exhibition aims to equate president of turkey with kazakhstan through art. stop working. the network people became interested in cars extent. many are willing to visit kazakhstan after the exhibition a few people came and brought the catalogs asking to exhibit them the proportion of consistent with the intention was that he was he explained. for the latest news is that three w dot cardstock st
Al Jazeera America
Apr 28, 2014 9:00am EDT
in custody. now al jazeera said of the 199 investment treaty between qatar and egypt should protect it's investment and assets in egypt. under the provisions of that treaty the network is demanding egypt to compensate it's losses and insure the legal rights of its employees. al jazeera said it will refer the matter with egypt to international arbitration if egypt refuses to resolve the dispute within six months. >> earlier in the news hour telling about these new u.s. sanctions against the number of russian officials. well, we were also trailing the fact that european union senior members of that meeting to talk about the same matters this just coming through to us. we've got particular details. the european union is adding 15 more officials to the russian sanction lists. so from both sides of the atlantic, further sanctions imposed on russian individuals because of the events in ukrai ukraine. >>> zimbabwe's opposition party there are conflicts reports whether they have been suspended. >> reporter: morgan has been the driving force for the movement of democratic change for many years.
Al Jazeera America
Apr 28, 2014 8:00pm EDT
detained all remain in customer. now al jazeera said the 1999 treaty between qatar and egypt could compensate for their losses. >>> up next, path of destruction, tornados rip through arkansas and oklahoma and more could be on the way. and flagrant foul, this is not the first time donald sterling has faced allegations of racism. we'll look at his long troubling history coming up. >>> a mou powerful system is spinning off more tornados in the middle of the country tonight. the governor of mississippi declared a state of emergency earlier today, and people in arkansas, oklahoma, and kansas are still trying to recover after tornados tore through their neighborhoods, killing 17 people. >> the us in said it was coming, and the tv was flickering in and out, and when it went out, that's when me and my grandkids jumped in the car and drove off. >> and there is more severe weather on the way. rebecca? >> we have already had 19 tornados reported today. and we can see a line stretching from louisiana all the way up across mississippi. we're going to continue to see this lyon of supercel storms
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 9:00am EDT
's financial pair play laws including the big spenders. psg are bank rolled from invest tars from qatar. uefa's financial control board has made offers to the club which could be either a ref manned, fine, or limit on players. the fannel will make the final decision. the president said he did not expect any clubs to be ban from playing in europe. >>> real madrid take a 1-0 lead heading into their semifinals. they can currently in the worst run of this season. >> translator: madrid is a fast team. they are really quick, and if you lose a ball you have to be set up well in defense and close down the spaces, but they also try via other avenues to score goals. so you have to keep them away from your goal. this is the most important thing. >>> real will be welcoming back garrett vail. the spanish side are aying their first clamp i don't know's league final in 12 years. >> it will be a difficult game no matter what. yeah, we're looking forward to it. we know it's going to be a difficult game, and it's a big job at hand. >>> in the english premier league arsenal on are on the bank of securing nomina
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 6:00am EDT
sunni. nouri al-maliki blames saudi arabia and qatar for helping armed groups. the last summit on syria in march underscored the political divisions between iraq and its sunni neighbours. >> translation: sending fighters increases the violence and the people are paying the price. >> the saudis and their allies want bashar al-assad out of power. >> none of them have a place in the future of syria. with the war in syria showing no signs of letting up, concerns of sectarian violence can spread to neighbouring countries and could leave iraq more isolated. >> the united nations top human right official said the situation in south sudan is close to calamity. speaking at a news conference in the capital navi pilae said the u.n. requested an investigation into the killings. rebel leader riek machar met with her on friday to discuss the violence. >> chemical weapons inspectors are being sent to ir-syrsyria t investigate gas attacks. the syrian government denies using chlorine on civilians, it is out laud as a wep on of war. it is not an a banned lift of chemicals. >> reporter: there has been a s
Al Jazeera America
Apr 18, 2014 4:00am EDT
, and qatar marquez sudan me pal and there's large quantities there, there's no quantity of helium 3 here. it is difficult to expressed tract. extract. i think that problem is probably solvable, and it offered a promise of completely new energy source. >> when it comes to energy oversight, he isn't too concerned. in fact, he would prefer the federal government stay out of it, sort of. >> our whole behavior is so opposite to washington, d.c., in general, it's pa nettic. we don't want anything to with. >> speaking to nasa, but you sign add contract with nasa for $18 million. >> being willing to criticize nasa, or government in general, doesn't make us stupid enough not to take the money when it is offered to us. >> the rocket motor burned for a bit, and then it turns off, and the moment it turns off everything inside the ship will become weightless. yo was will be able to get out of your seat, float around, and then sort of come back in, and ask people to get back in their seats and you will just do a glide using the wings of the vehicle down to the runway you took off from. virgin galactic
Al Jazeera America
Apr 21, 2014 7:00pm EDT
by using our own cheaper natural gas, rather than having to import natural gas from the likes of qatar and australia, that's another $125 billion in savings. if you add in the domestic crude oil, that's $150 billion a year of savings, so there's no way that any politician in his or her right mind is going to enforce any sort of draconian restrictions on frac-ing. the simple truth is, despite all of the brouhaha there has not been sufficient damage caused to any farmland or aquifer that would even come close to balancing out the great benefit that frac-ing has brought to this country, and that's something that haroldhamm preaches -- >> the one thing i would say the reason the keystone xl pipeline has not been approved is because they were a little heavy handed in the way they dealt with the nebraska farmers. >> that's right. but the beauty of the u.s. oil and gas boom, ali, is as a result of all of our domestic supplies now, we don't need that canadian oil as much. we have an excess of crude oil in this country now. we can't even get it all to the refineries along the gulf coast. and oi
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 6:00am EDT
. >>> football's world governing body expect only investigation into how the russia and qatar world cups were voted for to be completed soon. the f.i.f.a. secretary talked whilst overseeing last-minute preparations ahead of the world cup in brazil. f.i.f.a.'s own ethics committee is examining allegations of corruption in relation to the awarding of the nest two tournaments. >> i think we should have rah final position and the best would be before the world cup 2014. that we can move and work on the next world cup. >> ryan giggs will take charge of manchester united against norwich later on. the club dismissing reports that a deal had been done to bring in dutch coch louie van hall. giggs replaces david moyes for the final four games. and says alex ferguson has been on the phone offering advice. united's game against norwich, a late kick off. with three games left. everton can go fourth into the champion's league with victory at southampton. >> it doesn't matter who you play in the games or who you are fighting against to get into the fourth spot. there's points tally that matters. i think i
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 2:00pm EDT
's governing body expects an investigation into how the russia and qatar world cups were voted. f.i.f.a.'s secretary-general was talking whilst overseeing lasts-minute preparations ahead of the world cup in braz im. f.i.f.a.'s ethics committee is examining allegations of corruption in relation to the awarding of the nest two tournaments. >> i think it should come now, we should have a time, final position and the best would be before the world cup in 2014, that we can move and work on the next world cup. >> michael phelps's comeback meet finished earlier than expected. the 18-time olympic champion missed out on qualifying for the 50 metre freestyle final. the 28-year-old's comeback was cut short using this heat to fine tune his beautiful speed and stroke rather than racing freestyle. he finished seventh, ending his first swim meet since retiring after the 2012 olympics. >> it's a good starting point being able to get some races under my belt. and like bob said, the schedule that was today was not really ideal for what i should swim at this very moment. >> the houston rockets claim
Al Jazeera America
Apr 11, 2014 2:00pm EDT
east, iran, and syria. >> the amir and qatar want to be particularly helpful to us in our counter terrorism initiative. they have taken efforts to try to see if there is a way forward in terms of peace dialogue with the taliban. we're very grateful to their efforts to try to help put that proposition to the test. >>> 47 million children around the world don't go to school, but nigeria delivering a good education can be challenging. >> reporter: this is a popular school run by state go, but it is facing major challenges in providing a decent education for the children here. there are 116 students to every one teacher, nearly four times the state's target ratio of 30 students per teacher. and there are other problems. >> we have a shortage of toilets, and then our main gate needs repair. >> reporter: nigeria's medical government has allocated over $2 billion to basic education in the last four years, with some of the money coming from international donors. millions of dollars set aside for education are not being used by state governments. it also says some state governments are emp
Al Jazeera America
Apr 12, 2014 9:00am EDT
quicker. he has won the opening race in qatar two weeks ago. there is much more sport on our website including all the latest from the masters in augusta. check out there are details of how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. >> thank you very much, indeed. the world is going mad. here is the proof. the run down garage has been sold for $1 million in london making it the most expensive one sold in britain. realtors say the property sales across the u.k. have been the highest they've been in six years. now reports on price people have to rather than are willing to pay. >> reporter: well to perhaps not london's most desirable area, but far from its worst. this area of the city is the center of an extraordinary and many would say answer sustainable property bubble unse property bubble. this area was sold earlier this week for $932,000. and it wasn't one of these and some townhouses. it was a redundant garage space formerly owned by the local council, currently uninhabitable. just 64 square meters, $14.5000 per square meters
Al Jazeera America
Apr 13, 2014 2:00pm EDT
of the season. in qatar. >> okay. more sport from me later. that is it for now. >> see you then, thank you. >> hundreds of colourful star fish clinging to rocks on the californian coastline used to be a common site. now they are nearly all gone. marine scientists don't know why rob reynold's reports from a town where they are working hard to solve the mystery. >> in the rocky waive-washed corner of the california close researchers are gathering evidence in a marine mystery, searching rock by rock, crevice by crevice for star fish. normally many species thrive in the pools. they are an important part of a complex ecological system. today the researchers can find hartley any of them. -- hardly any of them. >> so far we saw two, and in the past we saw 145. a year ago at the location, to go from 145 down to two is drastic. star fish lived in the oceans for 450 million years. but now they seem to be in trouble. all up and down the pacific coast, star fish, known as sea stars, have been dying off in huge numbers. scientists have no idea what is killing them. >> divers noticed large unless of dea
Al Jazeera America
Apr 16, 2014 9:00am EDT
. the images were taken between september 27th, and august of last year. the government of qatar paid a law firm to look into the evidence. more than 5,000 images have been examined by experts. it's estimated that 11,000 bodies have been pictured. the ambassador who presented the report on tuesday says this is not politics. >> translator: it is a hope that what we will speak will not be politics, but the conscious of human beings. we would like security council to refer syria to the international court. and i'm saying the situation in syria. i'm not accusing either the regime or the opposition. i'm speaking of all crimes against humanity committed in syria. >> reporter: syria's government has denied all allegations, and dismissed the report as lacking objective and professionalism. >>> saudi arabia's spy chief has resigned. he voluntarily stepped down and has been succeeded by his deputy. he recently criticized barack obama's decision not to use military strikes against the syrian government. >>> israeli police used stun grenades in a compound. it happened after israeli forces tried to esco
Al Jazeera America
Apr 2, 2014 9:00am EDT
qatars efforts to host the olympics. >> again, the responsibility is to ensure the application of the olympic charter in the olympic games. this is what we are standing for. we are not a super national -- the -- the government. >> reporter: the fight against doping is one he will take on directly. he says it's the cheats who are now on the run. >> with regard to some substances or some methods we're not where we definitely want to be, because we would like to be ahead if possible. but the experts are telling me that we were never so close. >> he is at the start of an eight-year term. still assessing the powers and limitations of olympic sports biggest job. >>> to the nba where the brak listen nets have clenched a playoff place after a win over the houston rockets. they also set a new franchise record, their 14th straight win at home. joe johnson was one of six players to reach double figures for the nets and lead the team with 32 points and they are now just 1.5 games behind the divisional leaders, the raptors. for more go to our website, check out details
Apr 6, 2014 11:00am EDT
they criticized qatar. when in connection with the muslim brotherhood that they have funded for years one of the largest lobby to influence the government. no one would accuse others of having a lobby. not because of what happened in egypt, it is coming from the inside. funds have been invested in america to obtain influence. i don't if this is outside the american equation. my point is that national security foreign policy should have listened to many more views on the middle east, not just the views of our academia and a very clear on this one in the previous book that is good funded in middle eastern studies. when they come to be invested here, if they go to agrarian studies, but may target middle eastern studies and enforce one of few, we haven't seen a lot of research in american academia about sudan and southern sudan. we have not had significant research on lebanon. while we have a lot of stuff on the arab-israeli conflict, all of that indicates it should be a better balance in how we advise on foreign policy. and i do claim there is a significant pressure group that focuses on one
Apr 16, 2014 6:00pm EDT
. russian gasis iran,ves, followed by qatar and the united states. how big is the russian supply on the world market? guest: they're the ones who supply europe -- there are small quantities that should be going east to china. that is one of the things on the discussion this week and next month. he will go to china -- to vladimir putin will go to china. -- you heard about the natural gas boom in the u.s. true.s right now, that is all for domestic consumption. the u.s. may start exporting gas in a few years. other than mexico and transfers to canada, it is not really a big exporter at this point. the share of russia's natural gas exports by definition from 2012. big singleany is the buyer. the smaller eastern european are actually quite vulnerable as well. many of them are 100% dependent on russian gas. you look at the case of the baltic states, belarus, ukraine. the further west you get, the u.k., spain, france have all alternatives like north africa and norway. as you move from east to west, the dependence lessons a bit. host: explain how russia controls its gas supplies. guest:
FOX News
Apr 16, 2014 7:00pm PDT
that actually are dominated by foreign groups like qatar and other governments dumping money into us not paying attention into the radical islam threat are creating a next sustained of power preventing moderates reformest. in egypt they threw out the muslim brotherhood and in the united states you have the national security being done by pr -- >> wait a minute. we gave the muslim brotherhood f-16s, tanks and $5 billion to the same guy that referred to the israelis of the descendants of apes and pigs. >> 10 million muslims went to the streets and threw them out and said we don't want them and america is going to the bother hood to use them for advice saying oh, we don't want to be victim. you're victimizing the entire community when in fact we need a strategy. sean, the nypd had a paper talking about the threat and radicalization in 2007. are we to believe they disbanded that program? i don't think so. >> we have a city like new york with mayor big bird and stop and frisk and dismantles this intelligence organization. we were safe for awhile. we're not going to be safe. i don't want to scare peo
Apr 2, 2014 1:00am EDT
in qatar. that is looming in 2022. he does not think the governing body should be allowed to make decisions about where the tournament is held. he thinks it should be done by a computer. the computer could decide. into the daily telegraph coverage of this story . they have been running for a campaign calling for a revote. there is not going to be a revote, no matter how much the british press calls for one. there is an investigation going on i the ethics committee over alleged corruption surrounding the 2022 world cup bid. let's broaden the discussion. >> this one is from "the times." it is about the rising tide of wealth in china, how people increasingly are being remembered with representations of more extensive flayer. -- flair. increasingly, digital cameras, burning effigies of digital cameras and bottles of heineken. air-conditioning unit. >> this sounds like it would break all kinds of pollution -- >> they do break norms of modesty, i think and simplicity. a curious little story about how people are getting wealthier in china. there is a culture of consumerism and people are celebrati
Al Jazeera America
Apr 8, 2014 2:00pm EDT
railway station about 160 kill meters from qatar. about 35 people were injured in the attack. no group claimed responsibility. on sunday pakistani security forces killed 40 separatist fighters in the province. >>> to afghanistan where there have been over 3,000 complaints of violations over last week's presidential elections. ballot boxes are still arriving in kabul. it's too early to declare a clear winner, but some candidates are confident they don't have to pate part in a runoff. >> with ballots papers coming into kabul, it will be many weeks before the independent election commission delivers the definitive verdict on who will be the next president of afghanistan. the three front-runners are already expressing confidence in their chances of victory. abdullah abdullah told al jazeera his team's calculations give him 62% of the vote. the figure he believes will be reflected as long as the counting process is transparent. >> it's a huge responsibility of a national scope in dimensions, and hopefully they're aware of the burden that is like everybody should. >> they also think their ma
Apr 6, 2014 3:00am PDT
people together what to do a series that cater to avoid qatar open doors for trade on markets in the regions of the country. this was outside activities that you all know who you spoke of the platform you will too. life is act around big cities now in jail instead. many believe that she could earn more and have better living conditions but in fact internal migrants are only joining the list of four people due to the lack of work experience they can always find work in the cities but what is worse the homeless have nowhere to live not to mention social benefits such as medical care education and participation in elections they cannot realize the civil rights because they did not even have normal documents according to non government organizations in kyrgyzstan there about two hundred thousand invisible citizens once the authorities use of all religions an arbitrator would expand the list of documents sometimes is used to such factors as corruption which means people are forced to pass several times and have to pay out of their own pockets to speed up this process which will bot
Apr 27, 2014 3:00am PDT
was ukrainian. why now we should applaud to rochelle choice he chose to use interface in qatar is an ethnic minority were expelled into the role of joseph stalin have resisted rice's takeover of the crimean peninsula. many trotters and ethnic ukrainians who make up a significant minority of korea's population say they fear they will face discrimination under the new russian backed authorities that's why many have left some of the main thing for me is for my children to be an uncomfortable situation like each year trees are ready for ukrainian capital of central pole carry as many as thirty refugees in the etf volunteers meet those seeking refuge and help them connect with organizations that provide shelter and support one kid neighborhood green and also a crank up her and temporary housing for her and her family she says minorities face harassment approved by the disputed referendum last month over creamy adjoining russia. when you can tune into one. we didn't want to load to the oppression of walking from house to house raids and all the secrets to end quickly and then people start to dev
Apr 10, 2014 3:00pm PDT
into the field. so qatar, united arab emirates, saudi arabia, there are many donors. china is starting to donate, many into education for the first time. korea is coming in. so yes, i would like america to do more and i would like the rest of the west to do more but there are many potential donors in the future. and they begin to see that if you back a country that is educating its children, you've got a skilled workforce as well as having met the moral requirements that every child should have opportunities. >> woodruff: how much does this depend on the persuasive powers of someone who's internationally known, like, if you are gordon brown and how much-- and you are-- the force of your personality? >> well, i wish i could be more successful. but the truth is that i know from being a leader in recent years, that if there is not public pressure, and if there is not a demand from the rest of the world, then there are other priorities that you're going to address. we've got to persuade these leaders, there is no country in the poorer parts of the world will ever be a rich country, will ever be a hi
Apr 24, 2014 1:42am PDT
for climbing the tower in qatar. no telling how fast he did this one but he -- oh, wait a second it only took him 46 minutes to climb 153 meters, which is 500 feet, or about 50 stories. >> really? incredibly amazing. >> wow! >>> from spiderman to a couple of supermen. these are a pair of daredevil sky divers that have set the record by leaping 717 feet off the world's tallest building. they repaired for this by climatizing and going up to the mountains in switzerland to get used to the altitude. look at this jump. it is unbelievable. the world's tallest buildings. they pulled the cords on their parachutes and yes they landed safely. they are not the first to jump from this tower which is twice the empire state building if you can believe that. they had to build a platform 500 feet higher to break the record. >> just to break records. it's an amazing view. now we know what it looks like, assuming the next view is the go pro cams, right. >> absolutely. >> i will watch from the comfort of my seat. >>> everybody has been to the mall, the holiday season trying to get around people walking so slow
Apr 23, 2014 4:00am EDT
gas houses from qatar in particular. russian gas remains extremely important. it is still 1/3 of volume. europe is in economic trouble. asia's gas pricing is more buoyant. the pricing has recovered markedly in the last year or so. the trends you mention are there. but they are still baby steps. so that mutual dependence, the mad factor as we just mentioned is very much there. >> thank you very much for your time today. we're back in just a couple of minutes. >> welcome back to "the pulse" live on bloomberg television and also streaming on the ipad and >> botox maker allergan is bid g to bust a takeover from valleant. let's get details on what happens next. let's talk about poison pills. >> wonderful term in any pharmaceutical takeover. of course we don't see them very much. it is a bit of an old-fashioned thing. makes you think of past takeover booms. what is going on here is that allergan do not want to be taken over or at least so they say by this combination of valleant pharmaceuticals and the hedge fund investor bibill ackman. they have produced this plan
Apr 16, 2014 3:30pm EDT
, send help quickly. by the way, iraq will host the world cup in 2016. [laughter] why not give qatar can do it. recently doug and i had opportunity to go to baghdad is but don't laugh, for a counterterrorism conference. when i got back i was asked by somebody, in a word how were things in baghdad? good, i said. good? my friend said one word, i would like, okay. keywords. not good. how would i know that? you're right, i probably wouldn't have it was so quiet. security was everywhere. multiple checkpoints every three feet practically come especially around the zone to get around. and nothing was said in the two and half days of the conference or, i was there about nine days, well, things are set privately but you would have them there was a terrorist war going on, that there probably have been already fighting around fallujah and in anbar. not a word was said but if you'd asked me after this conference what their strategy is, i wouldn't have known. i didn't know there'd been a huge terrorist incident, a bombing, intelligent indo from, say many now saying are you safe? are you all right? ar
Apr 18, 2014 4:00pm EDT
in the middle east. my question as, do you think that they mentioned qatar, saudi, do you think the people will shape the future of the muslim brotherhood. >> is megaforce is to it gives up writings the demographic realities of the region. any other information revolution. so you have a young dynamic under employing a net increase in the well-informed society throughout the region. they strive stores chain and an issue for every political social move in mls at the brotherhood. will mention that one point or maybe hussein is thought that the younger generation in the brotherhood perhaps becoming more inclined towards using violence or whatever. there's a gap between the elders and the younger generation. sometimes the younger generation christ ideologically has more in common with each other than they do with the elders in family-run organization. this has been true at the brotherhood and i think that these are major underlying forces that are going to continue to drive change along with i agree with what my colleagues have said about structural forces number which will determine coming you
Apr 23, 2014 3:00pm EDT
as expanding the qatar's and bosch car broadcasting and so on. and the last point, we have to understand we have reentered a world, which too many people in this city not permanently had been put to bed and that is we are now dealing with denied areas. there are places with extraordinarily difficult to get information. where areas are denied, where it is difficult to get information and the internet doesn't solve everything despite the mantra of some people, you need real expertise. you need to spend the time gathering names. i was privileged to work in the research department and liberty and i can tell you how much time it took wendy's were denied areas to find things. but these are the only kind of broadcast that make sense. you cannot trump that. you cannot short-circuit that by assuming you can get it all off the internet. now, that is going to require us, not only to restore a research function, which we can't slough off to universities. it just simply isn't possible. but it is critically important to overcome one of our leaders. besides looking at my picturesque operations becoming se
of direct discussions with representatives of the taliban leadership in germany and qatar over 2010 through 2012 and which of course al qaeda and the taliban's relationships with a central question. and i could say the taliban never questioned whether al qaeda had carried out 9/11 or whether 9/11 was the recent united date fate of afghanistan. they said they are punishing us for some and we did do. it was quite a different argument. you can argue whether that's an active statement on their part or not. but they didn't contest the reality of what had happened. iraq is a different question which had nothing to do with 9/11. we are not going to talk about that here tonight however. >> i hope the parallel a feudal europe isn't that far-fetched, but inspiration for a lot of my theoretical argumentation. and this book on the scholar who influenced my work as well as barney's work with the head of the sociology department here at columbia for many years. charles tilly who described across as a stable nation in europe as many as nine did many, many times, which involved engagement on the part of st
Apr 16, 2014 4:00pm EDT
for energy. the top is russian gas reserves followed by iran, qatar, and the united states on down. the russian gas supply, how big is that in the world market, the russian supply? .uest: they are the big player they supply in europe and there are small quantities that should be going east to china and that is actually something under discussion this week, and then next month vladimir putin will go to china. they are one of the major gas suppliers. years, you'vecent all probably heard about the natural gas boom in the u.s.. in the u.s. is now producing as much gas as russia. that is true, but it is also pretty much all for domestic consumption. the u.s. may start exporting gas to other markets in a few years time, other than mexico and some transfers to canada, a few out of alaska, it is not a big exporter at this point. share of russia's natural gas exports by destination, this is for 2012. guest: germany is the big single buyer. the smaller european countries are quite vulnerable as well. dependentem are 100% on russian gas. you look at the case of the baltic states, belarus. ukr
Apr 26, 2014 3:00am EDT
by qatar. i do want to emphasize what has already been approved is very substantial in volume. in regard to your second question, no doubt about it. american companies, but also, of course international companies that operate in the united states is essentially where all of the experience lies today in terms of major production from shales. they are very active, american companies. ron, the majors, exon, chev but also the major independents are extremely active in shales around the world, bringing their, applying their knowledge to those shales. some of those shales have proved to be more difficult than was anticipated. but nevertheless, i think we will see a lot of production. that itself will change the geography of supply and ha vve a major impact on global markets. >> you are currently in conversations with your european colleagues, ng-7 colleagues, have the resistance to exploiting those shales been reduced as a result of concerns about the certainty of russian supply? >> well, just to clarify, we will have a meeting of g-7 energy ministers in rome week after next as called for by t
FOX Business
Apr 15, 2014 11:00am EDT
, saudi arabia, qatar, egypt, we're in mexico, we're worldwide. stuart: and so you want to be the starbucks of healthy smoothies, that kind of thing. >> not necessarily. you know, starbucks is starbucks with. we're maui wowie, we've been doing what we've done for 32 years. we're the mobile leader, the global leader. 400 carts around the country. you've probably seen us and not realized it. we just opened at coney eye hand yesterday. stuart: i've got to return to the original question. you are exploiting the marijuana connection, aren't you? with a name like that, you are. >> i don't think so. if you choose to play into it and you like it, sure. but -- [laughter] stuart: everybody in this studio, everybody at our morning meeting knows the meaning of maui wowie, and you chose that name quite deliberately, didn't you? >> like i said, i was 4 years old. i know that they loved hawaii, and they chose maui wowie at the time. stuart: okay. jeff weinberger, thanks so much for joining us. it was good stuff and good luck with the expansion. >> thanks for having me. stuart: all righ
Apr 30, 2014 7:00pm EDT
with us, heck, we'll buy you a luxurious office, complex, in qatar. we may even release some of your murdering thugs that we have confined. heck, we'll do that, we'll release some of them anyway. just to show our good faith. heck, we'll do whatever, if you'll just sit down and talk with us. there is no radical islamist in e world that respects that kind of talk from an american leader. from any leader. oh, please, we beg you, please sit down and talk with us. they don't respect that. that projects weakness to them. there's one thing they respect and that is power, when used appropriately. they may hate it, they may despise the way it's used but they respect power when it's used effectively. and this administration has not done that at all. go back to iraq, the bush administration basically had set up a status of forces agreement by the end of 2008. most of the terms were agreed to. the bush administration, many of us believe, could have gone ahead and finished, had that signed before president obama took office. but as i understand it, it was considered a generous outreach by george
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